Preparing to go…

What is involved in planning to leave for a year?

Find someone to stay in our house.  Plans are that someone will move in the day after we leave!

Study Arabic.  We are trying to study 30 minutes a day but we’re not always successful!

Donate piles of stuff to the thrift store.  That way there’s a bit more room to store stuff.

Do yardwork and clean up the gardens.  

Decide what to take.  Summers are hot (up to 40C) and winters are cold, especially indoors, we’re told.

Paperwork.  Passports, International Drivers Licences, TB Tests, taxes and on and on…almost done!

8 thoughts on “Preparing to go…

  1. Hi Jane & Peter,
    What excitement!! We are thinking about you as you near your departure date. It sounds like you are super organized, so all the best as you prepare for your big year away. We will remember you in our prayers.
    Love, Uncle Abe & Aunt Elfrieda

    1. God’s Speed as you embark on this new adventure! Sounds very exciting! I’m sure all kinds of emotions are racing around! Be safe and don’t miss a thing! I want to see pics and hear all about it. Enjoy the kids this week! Love y’all! Pat, aka Yoohoo

  2. Thank you for making us a part of your commissioning for this trip. You and Peter will remain in our prayers and thoughts daily, and especially as our ladies work on the quilt and/or quilts we do during the year you are away. Will look forward to stores on your return.

  3. Wish you all the best in this venture. Sounds exciting but probably will be times where you wonder why you’re doing it but I’m sure it will be worth it. God bless you and keep us informed. Will pray for you.

  4. I echo Lenora’s comment and have to thank you for including me in your Commissioning for this one year assignment. It has been so much fun getting to know you better over the quilt frame and hope to continue this friendship over the internet and resume it again upon your return.
    Wally & I will keep both you and Peter in our prayers and wish you a safe journey and God’s many and varied blessings as your serve in Cairo.
    Take care of yourselves and stay healthy.
    God be with you!

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